Tab Bar

Last edit: 2023.08.07

Tab Bar is a navigation control that organizes and allows navigation between groups of content that are related and at the same level of hierarchy.

The control is primarily used inside apps or panel headers.


  1. Tab item content: Icon and/or label.
  2. Selector line: The line that highlights the selected Tab Bar item.

The Tab Bar items come in two sizes (flexible and fixed) and support the following configurations:

anatomy configurations
Tab typesAbout
Flexible tab sizeAll the tabs are equal in width, which is determined by dividing the available space by the number of tabs.
Fixed tab sizeThe size of tabs depends on the content.


The tab item supports multiple states to indicate its status:

anatomy tab item


usage example1 thumbnail

Source tabs in Entertainment

"Home", "Browse", and "Library" example tabs in a media source.

usage example2 thumbnail

Tabs in Communication

"Favorites", "Recents", "Contacts", and "Dialpad" tabs


ThemingThe sizing of the tab item, selected tab indicator (height), text, icon, margins, and paddings can be adjusted. Additionally, it is possible to change the styling of the container, selected tab indicator, text, and icons.
ConfigurationsTwo types of tab items (flexible and fixed in size) are supported. Also, different combinations of label and icon can be shown.
ContentThe labels can be changed and icons can be replaced (unless they are non-customizable map assets or coming from a third-party service).