Receiving Calls

Last edit: 2023.07.27

TomTom Digital Cockpit displays incoming calls from connected mobile phones with notifications. Users can accept or reject a call, or reply with a pre-defined message, by interacting with these notifications.

incoming call notification

Incoming call notification

An incoming call notification contains:

  • Avatar image
  • Name of the caller
  • Source label
  • Reject button
  • Accept button
  • Quick-reply options

The incoming call notification can be dismissed by using a swiping gesture to the left or the right.

Dismiss or reject calls

A call can be rejected by:

  • Tapping the Reject button.
  • Swiping left to reject the call (the direction of swiping to dismiss will depend on the screen layout and orientation).
  • Voice command using voice personal assistant (VPA).
  • Rejecting the call directly on the connected phone.

User flow overview

Users can respond to an incoming call outside of the communication app. Once the call is accepted, the call is handled with a Main Process Panel.

incoming call user flow