Developer portal legal information
Legal information related to deprecation policies of our services, general terms&conditions of use and privacy policy.


Terms and conditions

Review the terms and conditions that apply to your usage of TomTom Developer Portal, API usage and more.

API version status

Learn the details of the General Availability, Public Preview, Deprecated and Decommissioned statuses.

TomTom SDK version status

Learn the details of the General Availability, Deprecated, Public Preview, and Decommissioned TomTom SDK statuses.

Private Preview

Did you get an exclusive invitation to a private preview? You can check all the details of what it means here.

Public Preview – What is it?

Specific terms and conditions for products or features released under “Public Preview”.

Deprecation policy for TomTom Maps APIs products


Learn more about the deprecation policy that applies to our self-service APIs and SDKs.

List of deprecations

Check the current list of the deprecated TomTom services and SDKs.

TLS Deprecation note

Review the upcoming transport security improvements.

Privacy policy

General TomTom privacy policy

Review our global privacy policy at