API & SDK version status

Public Preview (PP): An active API/SDK version or its element(s) that is designed to test the new functionality and collect feedback from the community. This may or may not be converted into GA (General Availability). Under Public Preview, specific terms and conditions apply which are described here in section 4 of the Terms and Conditions.

General Availability (GA): An active API/SDK version or its element(s) that is the most current and fully supported. It is the recommended version for use by everyone.

Deprecated: An API/SDK version or its element(s) that has been superseded by a newer API/SDK version or an alternative. It is supported (bug fixes) for twelve months from the deprecation announcement date. New users will be encouraged to use the new version of the API/SDK or its element(s).

Decommissioned: A deprecated API/SDK version or its element(s) that is no longer supported. Those who actively develop their applications using a deprecated API must migrate to an active API. Some SDK features might still work once the SDK has been deprecated.

General Availability/Public Preview
Live in production
Continuous development
Live in production
Development freeze and no more updates
API is no longer available in production
SDK works in maintenance mode
API/SDK added to the “List of Deprecated Products”
Available for use on TomTom Developer Portal
Deprecation notice indicated and posted
on a day of deprecation announcement
Removed from documentation pages
Updated with bug fixes and new features are available
Only critical bugs are resolved
No longer supported