Public Preview – What is it?

We at TomTom want you to access our latest and greatest technology. At the same time, we need to make sure it works properly for you and your applications.

That is why, from time to time, we release new features under “Public Preview”.

Public Previews are open to all developers. They are designed to test the functionality and collect feedback from our community on performance, usability and documentation. A feature released under Public Preview will remain as Public Preview until it is judged ready for general availability (GA).

Under Public Preview, specific terms and conditions apply which are described here in section 4 of the Terms and Conditions. These are different than the terms for generally available products.

What does this mean for you?

  • You are welcome to try the service and use it in your applications, but be aware the service might still evolve, change or even be discontinued.
  • Your feedback on our features in Public Preview is greatly appreciated. Use the feedback forms that are provided on the Portal (here) or contact us directly to have a chat (here).
  • Features in Public Preview may not be supported in the same way as other features. You can read the details here.