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Maps API


Pay as you grow. Simple.As low as $0.42 per 1000 transactions
Build for freeBUILD FOR FREE

2500 free transactions per day on all our APIs. And unlimited Maps and Traffic display when using our Mobile Maps SDKs.


No subscription, no lock in. Buy only the credits you need and use them within a year. Monitor your usage in our dashboard.

No limits to your growthNO LIMITS TO YOUR GROWTH

No transaction limits, volume discounts for everyone and enterprise contracts for larger needs.

At TomTom, we believe in simplicity.

Use our free transactions for as long as you want and buy bundles of credits if you need more. Buy as many credits as you want, there are no limits to your growth. Use them whenever you want within a year. No subscription, no strings attached. And the more credits you buy, the cheaper it gets with our pay-as-you-grow plan. Simple.

Our Pay-as-you-grow plan includes

  • Free maps and traffic visualization from our SDK for iOS and Android
  • 2,500 free transactions per day for all our APIs
  • Access to 19 trillion location data points
  • Access to all our APIs and SDKs for a single transaction price
  • Access to all applications and use cases, including Asset Tracking
  • Customized support by e-mail and on our forums

What do you need credits for?

For any application which is publicly accessible,
excluding asset management applications.



For any application which is used for internal business purposes only,
including asset management.



VolumePricePrice per 1k transactions
50,000 $25.00 $0.50
100,000 $49.00 $0.49
250,000 $119.00 $0.48
500,000 $229.00 $0.46
1,000,000 $449.00 $0.45
2,500,000 $1,099.00 $0.44
5,000,000 $2,149.00 $0.43
10,000,000 $4,199.00 $0.42
VolumePricePrice per 1k transactions
50,000 $199.00 $3.98
100,000 $379.00 $3.79
250,000 $909.00 $3.64
500,000 $1,719.00 $3.44
1,000,000 $3,249.00 $3.25
2,500,000 $7,619.00 $3.05
5,000,000 $14,449.00 $2.89
10,000,000 $27,499.00 $2.75

Enterprise pricing

Large volumes? Tracking vehicles or people? Contact our sales team for an offer tailored to your needs.

  • Asset-based subscription models
  • Higher Query Per Second limits
  • Large volume discounts
  • Annual contracts
  • Data licensing
  • Service Level Agreements

1. How many API transactions can I make per day?

We provide a total of 2,500 TomTom Maps API transactions for free on a daily basis. These free transactions will be reset every day. In case you want to consume more API transactions, you can purchase TomTom credits via our Public or Private “Pay as you Grow” plans.

2. How many API requests can I make per second?

The limit is set to 5 requests per second for non-tile based APIs and 1,000 for tile* based APIs. Exceptions is Extended Search API, where EV Charging Stations Availability and Points of Interest Details, each allow 50 requests per second, and Points of Interest Photos, which allows 25 requests per second and Notifications API, which allows 10 requests per second. *Tile based APIs are APIs which return either raster or vector tiles.

For example:

Keep in mind when you make more API requests per second than the allowed limit, you will receive an "HTTP 429 - Too Many Requests" status code.

Contact us if you have larger needs and would like to discuss a tailored offer.

Developers who want to switch to the 429 status code from the legacy "HTTP 403 - Over The Limit" status code in their existing Developer Application(s), can contact us at to ask for this change.

3. How is one API transaction calculated?

One API request equals one transaction for all TomTom Maps APIs, except in the case of:

4. Is every API call charged?

We are only charging for successful API calls (with HTTP response codes 2xx or 3xx). API calls that return an error (with HTTP response codes 4xx or 5xx) are not charged in any of our plans.

5. How many API transactions do I get with one TomTom credit?

One TomTom credit means one API transaction for any TomTom Maps API. If you want to learn more about TomTom API transactions, please check Question 3 above.

6. What happens if I exceed usage limits?

If you exceed the daily free credit limit of 2,500 API transactions, you will receive an "HTTP 403 – Over the limit error". Paying customers who have consumed all their TomTom Credits plus the free daily limit of 2,500 API transactions will also receive this error. You will receive an email notification prior to exceeding the paid credit limit or the limit of free requests, so you can take action and avoid that your app returns errors. To avoid running out of credits, consider setting up an auto-renewal or contacting us for a tailored plan if you have large transaction volumes.

7. Does TomTom offer custom usage quota or plans?

Contact us and tell us about your needs to receive an offer tailored to your situation. We can offer subscription plans for asset tracking, volume discounts for large users, annual contracts, custom Service Level Agreements and higher Query Per Second limits.

8. Is there an upper daily limit for the “Pay As you Grow” plan?

Your daily limit is only restricted to the number of transactions you have left in your credit balance. You can easily monitor how many requests are consumed here. There are no limits to the number of credits you can purchase and use in our “Pay As You Grow” plans. However, if you make high volume of transactions on a continuous basis, it might be interesting for you to contact us for a tailored offer.

9. How do I avoid running out of TomTom Credits?

If you want to avoid running out of TomTom credits, you can tick a renewal checkbox, which will automatically recharge your credit card and renew your account with TomTom credits.

10. When should I upgrade to the “Pay as you Grow” plan?

You should upgrade to the “Pay as you Grow” plan if you want to consume more than 2,500 free transactions per day. If you plan to make high volume of transactions on a continuous basis, then consider contacting us for a tailored offer.

11. How much does it cost to use the TomTom Maps APIs?

The prices for the “Pay as you Grow” plans are available above.

12. In which currencies are prices available?

Prices are available in Euro and US Dollar.

13. What plan is required for an asset management application?

Asset management applications require a Private “Pay as you Grow” Plan. An asset management application is designed to track the location and/or status of a mobile asset (e.g. cars or trucks), to route and to optimize routes for such mobile asset. An asset management application can be used by the driver of the mobile asset and/or the central dispatching unit (control room). We also offer subscription plans based on the number of vehicles or assets tracked. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.

14. What happens to my API keys if I upgrade to “Pay as you Grow”?

If you have free access to TomTom Maps APIs, you can upgrade to “Pay as you Grow” for Public use or “Pay as you Grow” for Private use with zero impact on your customer’s applications. All your API keys will continue to work.

15. How does EV Charging Stations Availability work?

EV Charging Stations Availability is part of the Extended Search API and works in combination with the Search API. To retrieve availability status of an EV Charging Station, the following sequence of requests to the Search API and Extended Search API is required from the user/developer:

  • First, use the Search API to retrieve a list of EV Charging Stations Points of Interest (‘POIs’) in an area. One request returns up to 100 POIs. You can filter the results to show only charging stations that support a specific connector type.
  • If an EV Charging Station POI has Availability information available, the results will contain a Charging Availability ID.
  • Use this Charging Availability ID to query the Extended Search API - EV Charging Stations Availability. The API will return current availability status for that EV Charging Station. One request returns the availability for one EV Charging Station.

More information can be found in our API documentation or on this EV Applications use case page.

The availability of dynamic information can vary over time as it relies on information provided by charging stations network operators. For some countries, the availability of dynamic information fluctuates more than usual. This can lead to a higher-than-normal amount of "unknown" availability status responses. Requests with an “unknown” status response use your TomTom credits, so please evaluate the data for these countries before going into production.

Refer to our coverage page for more information on country coverage and expected quality levels.

16. Can I be charged monthly?

We only offer monthly and annual subscriptions as part of our Enterprise plans, but you can set an auto-renewal of your credit package every time your balance goes below a threshold you specify. That way you never run out of credits, but only purchase the credits you actually need.

17. Are all the APIs the same price? Or do you charge per API?

The cost per transaction is always the same in the plan you chose. One API request equals one transaction for all TomTom Maps APIs, except in the case of:

18. How do I switch from Google Maps to TomTom?

It’s easy! Create an account, get your free API key and follow one of these convenient step-by-step tutorials:

19. Do you offer a Places API or an Autocomplete API?

Although we call it differently, our Search API offers search capabilities for addresses and places, with autocomplete functionality and all the features you need to offer a great search experience to your users.

Make sure to use our Search best practices to optimize your implementation.