Getting Started

Last edit: 2024.03.14

Follow the instructions in this section to start development with the Digital Cockpit SDK.


Before you can start with TomTom Digital Cockpit your company has to register with us.

Registration is open to companies only.

Please follow these steps for registration:

  • Request access to Digital Cockpit.
  • We will contact you per email to sign an evaluation agreement.
  • After agreements are finalized we will create an Azure Active Directory for your company to manage users.


These instructions can only be followed after agreements between your company and TomTom have been finalized and your company is onboarded.

After the Azure Active Directory for your company has been created by TomTom, you can follow these instructions to gain access to the TomTom Digital Cockpit dependencies.

User access

  • Log in to Azure Active Directory (using your company's email/password).
  • Under the Access packages section, select TomTom Digital Cockpit Artifactory and click the Request button.
  • Enter "Digital Cockpit development" as business justification and submit your request by clicking on request access.
  • Accept the permissions request.
  • The status of your access request can be viewed in the Request history tab.
  • Access will be granted by either TomTom admins or your company's own admins.
  • You will receive an email when access is granted.


These instructions can only be followed after access has been granted on Azure Active Directory.

  • Log in to your account on Artifactory (using your company's email/password).
  • Navigate to the User menu in the top-right corner and click Edit Profile.
  • Click Generate an Identity Token.
  • Enter "Digital Cockpit identity token" and click Next.
  • Copy the generated token under Reference Token.
  • Save the generated token as you will only be able to copy this token once!

The Artifactory identity token automatically expires after 1 year.

Development hardware

For developing your own TomTom Digital Cockpit application, you need a Linux, macOS, or Windows computer with a minimum of 32 GB of RAM and 80 GB of storage available.

You need to install Android Studio, Java Development Kit (JDK), and the Android emulator. The following tracks describe in detail which software is needed and how to install it.


We offer a few tracks to get started with Digital Cockpit:

Develop with the SDKDeveloping your own Digital Cockpit application with the SDK source code.
Run the application on an emulatorRunning a Digital Cockpit application on a customized Android Automotive emulator.
Run the application on a reference tabletRunning a Digital Cockpit application on a customized Android Automotive tablet.
Install a mapDisplaying a map and enabling navigation features in your Digital Cockpit application.

Have a look at the tutorials to explore what the Digital Cockpit SDK example code has to offer.