Getting Started

Last edit: 2023.02.23

Follow the instructions in this section to start development with the Digital Cockpit SDK.


Before you can start with TomTom Digital Cockpit you have to register with us.

Registration is open to companies only.
After a company has registered, no separate registration is needed for individual employees.

Please follow these steps for registration:

  • Request access to Digital Cockpit.
  • We will contact you per email to sign an evaluation agreement.
  • Receive your credentials.

When you receive your credentials you are ready to start with Digital Cockpit.


We offer a few tracks to get started with Digital Cockpit, targeted at different audiences:

TrackGoalTarget audienceRequirements
Develop with the SDKDeveloping your own Digital Cockpit application with the SDK source code.EngineersLinux, Mac or Windows system with x86 or ARM architecture
Run the application on an emulatorPreviewing the template Digital Cockpit application.Engineers, designers, managersLinux, Mac or Windows system with x86 architecture
Advanced SDK featuresUtilizing Digital Cockpit SDK's full potential.EngineersAndroid virtual device or hardware device