Install a Map

Last edit: 2024.01.15

TomTom Digital Cockpit uses an onboard map for its navigation features. You must install this map yourself on the target device or emulator.

Download the map and keystore file

We offer the following base map for evaluation. Use your company's email address and password to download:

Install the map

In these instructions the target application is the IVI Template App, with the package name Adjust this to your application name if necessary.

Make sure your target device is running. Push the keystore file to the target device:

1adb root
2adb shell mkdir /data/media/10/Android/data/
3adb push NK_AUTO_DEV.NKS /data/media/10/Android/data/

The map data comes as a tarball file. Extract this archive to a local directory, then push this entire directory tree to the target device:

adb push my-directory-with-map-data /data/media/10/Android/data/

The map and keystore are now owned by the root user, but they must be owned by the actual user running the TomTom Digital Cockpit app:

1user_id=$(adb shell am get-current-user)
3package_uid=$(adb shell cmd package list packages -U | grep | awk '{print $2}' | cut -c5-)
5# Strip user ID from the package UID, this workaround is needed as otherwise u0_
6# would be used instead of u<user_id>_ when changing the folder ownership as user root.
7formatted_package_uid="u${user_id}_a$(echo $package_uid | cut -c3-)"
9adb shell chown -R ${formatted_package_uid}:ext_data_rw /data/media/${user_id}/Android/data/
10adb shell chown -R ${formatted_package_uid}:ext_data_rw /data/media/${user_id}/Android/data/

Restart the IVI application:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the device's screen.
  • Click on the All apps menu icon (grid of nine squares).
  • Swipe up and select Settings.
  • Swipe up and select Apps & notifications.
  • Select Show all apps.
  • Swipe up and select IVI Template App.
  • Select Force stop on the top right of the screen, then click OK.
  • Click on the All apps menu icon (grid of nine squares).
  • Swipe up and restart the IVI Template App.

If the map and keystore file were successfully installed, you will see a blue arrow appear. You will be able to download map regions from the navigation settings dialog (Map & Display -> Manage maps).

Have a look at the tutorials to explore what the Digital Cockpit SDK example code has to offer.