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Release Notes


Release date:  22 December, 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Deprecated method for setting geopolitical map view setGeopoliticalView and replaced with setGeopoliticalViewLocal  


Release date:  7 December, 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Stability improvements 

TRAFFIC - TomTomOnlineSDKTraffic

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Deprecated enum "TTTrafficDetailsCategoryIconDetour" from "TTTrafficDetailsCategoryIcon"


Release date:  18 November, 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Map manipulation anchor point aligned with the chevron position while map tracking is active
  • [FIX] The behaviour of the "selectAnnotation" method in relation to clicking on decal markers fixed


  • [FIX] API references for the TomTomOnlineSDKMapsDriving framework available again
  • [FIX] Map location is updated correctly when the chevron is tracked

SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Support for "BrandSet" parameter in the Fuzzy/Geometry/Along the Route search queries and responses

ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

  • [FIX] "sections" field in routing response changed from obligatory to optional


Release date:  4 November, 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] A new method "setChevronScreenPosition" enabling to place the chevron at a specific position on the screen. Updated example "Follow the chevron", "Map matching" and "Route matching" placing the chevron at the bottom of the screen
  • [FEATURE] Public API for Snapshotter and a new example "Map snapshot image"
  • [FEATURE] Public API for POI layers and a new example "POI layers visibility"
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Stability improvements
  • [FIX] Road shields disappearing in Custom style example when style is switched to "Custom"
  • [FIX] Long Distance EV Routing example - short range route improvements: changing parameters for charging curve and adding 2 new facility types

SEARCH – TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Stability improvements
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optimization of the way of preparing and sending batch queriers for EV Charging Stations availability


  • Support for Xcode 12 available
  • The content of Terms & Conditions of the license agreement has been updated


Release date:  29 September, 2020

SEARCH – TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Public API for POI details and photos endpoint and a new example "POI details and photos"


Release date:  4 September, 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] Dynamic map padding


Release date:  19 August, 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] A new callback "onCenterStatusChanged" called when the map finishes centering
  • [FEATURE] New states added to onCameraChanged callback for when the map viewport is moving:
    - TTMapCameraChangeStateBegin: called when the map will begin changing the camera viewport.
    - TTMapCameraChangeStateChanged: called when changing the camera viewport is in progress.
    - TTMapCameraChangeStateEnd: called when the camera viewport change is finished.

SEARCH – TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Public API for EV Charging Stations availability and a new example


Release date:  5 August, 2020

SEARCH – TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search POI Details enabling to retrieve information about current rating, price range, reviews and social media details
  • [FEATURE] Public API for filtering "Get Place by ID" providing detailed information about the Place found by its identifier (entityId)


Release date:  23 July 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FIX] GPS indicator spout is not scaling
  • [FIX] Map in not initialised on vector tile in Maps SDK Examples app

ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

  • [FEATURE]  Public API for Long Distance EV Routing  and a new example


Release date:  26 June 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] Switching  key initialization from info.plist to a static initialization via constructor
  • [FEATURE] Give ability to turn on/off Chevron inaccuracy radius
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adjusted examples "Map tiles" and "Traffic layers"  - presenting functionality of hosting resources
  • [FEATURE] Hosted map and traffic display resources (styles and sprites)

Starting with version 2.4.593, we are switching bundled-in styles and sprite, to using TomTom hosted styles and sprites. More information about the new approach is available in Map Initialization.
Thanks to integration with Merged Style method provided by Map Display API you can generate and use one style for map and traffic display.
The main benefits of TomTom hosted display resources are as following:
- It makes application download size​ MB smaller in comparison to using bundled-in resources.
- It allows you to get the newest look and feel of the map and traffic.Maps SDK will work with the bundled-in style until June 2021 but we recommend to switch to using hosted assets sooner. The information how to do that is available in the Migration Guide

UTILS - TomTomOnlineUtils

  • [FIX] API diffs did not generate


  • [FIX] GPS Indicator is not hidden when Chevron is being tracked


Release date:  9 June 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Callback deprecation and implementation

    • "onCameraChanged" - added, use when the map viewport moves. It is executed each time the user interacts with the map (e.g., the map is panned or zoomed)
    • "didChangCameraPosition" - deprecated, use callback onCameraChanged instead
    • "isChangingCameraPosition" - deprecated, use callback onCameraChanged instead
    • "willChangeCameraPosition" - deprecated, use callback onCameraChanged instead
  • [FEATURE] Implementing the method "centerOn(CameraFocusArea, AnimationDuration)" for centering the map on a specific area

Search - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search parameters -  "CategorySet"
  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search "Opening Hours" and a new example


Release date:  13 May 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed issue that caused wrong map centering  while TTCenterOnGeometry usage

Search - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search extended with new parameters - opening hours, timezone, mapcode
  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search Autocomplete and a new example "Autocomplete"


Release date:  28 Apr 2020

Search - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search Along the Route parameters - detour: distance, offset and spreading
  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search Autocomplete


Release date:  15 Apr 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FIX] Stability improvements 


Release date:  9 Apr 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FIX] Improvement of the style loading path from the file for the 'TTMapStyleConfiguration (styleURL) method

ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

  • [FEATURE] Add parameters from routing for:
    • "Common routing" query parameters: vehicleAdrTunnelRestrictionCode
    • "Reachable Range" query parameters: distanceBudgetInMeters
    • "Calculate Route" response fields:
      • "Instruction": exitNumber
      • "Section": countryCode


Release date:  1 Apr 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] GPS indicator color can be styled
  • [FEATURE] New example "Map initialization" - presenting functionality of starting point and bounding box set up on a map
  • [FEATURE] Adding padding on centering point
  • [FIX] Correcting the language table: add hu-HU and bg-BG to the list, correct Slovenia to  sl-SLV

ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

  • [FIX] Improving route visibility in "Consumption model" examples Objective-C Maps SDK Examples app


Release date:  24 Mar 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FIX] Removing problem with the language table for Bulgarian (bg-BG), Hungarian (hu-HU) and Slovenian (sl-SI)


Release date:  13 Mar 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] The possibility to move TomTom logo on the various corners of a map
  • [FEATURE] Usage of Online style for Maps SDK
  • [FIX] Map  rebounding if swiping fast on the map on zoom level 0


Release date:  28 Feb 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FIX] Removing crash occuring while Showing long routes 


Release date:  18 Feb 2020

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] The possibility to give the "starting point" on a map (lat/lon, zoom level, bearing)

  • [FEATURE] Allowing to configure map bounding box before initialization


Release date:  22 Jan 2020

SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FEATURE] POI category tree - allow your users to easily search for the appropriate category of POI


Release date:  18 Dec 2019

SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

  • [FIX] Search along the route example crash removal

ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

  • [FIX] Selected itinerary not centering on the map


Release date:  11 Dec 2019

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps
  • [FIX] Stability improvements


Release date:  4 Dec 2019
MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps
  • [FIX] Stability improvements


Release date:  21 Nov 2019

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FIX] Copyrights crashing in iPad
  • [FEATURE] New Traffic (20.0.2-7) and Map (20.0.2-2) styles update


Release date:  14 Nov 2019

MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

  • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


    Release date:  24 Oct 2019


    • [FIX] Animation for displaying chevron's location in examples "Follow the chevron", "Map matching", "Route matching"


    Release date:  27 Sept 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [IMPROVEMENT] support for 2.5D buildings in vector tiles added

    • [FEATURE] New example: Map with building heights - to show building heights in 2.5D

    • [FEATURE] Stability improvements

    • [FEATURE] Support "properties" field in the GeoJSON object

    • [FIX] Mutliple maps were not working correctly

    • [FIX] Issue with adding a vector source layer

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FIX] Entry points were not shown


    Release date:  10 Sept 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Interactive layers - retrieve feature collection from style layers

    • [FEATURE] New example "Get style Features" - to retrieve specified visible style features in a viewport

    • [FEATURE] New example "Image Clustering" - to show how to set image clustering using the style

    • [FEATURE] Method to load a new map style from a string added

    • [FEATURE] Stability improvements

    GEOFENCING - TomTomOnlineSDKGeofencing

    • [IMPROVEMENT] API reference for UTILS on developer portal page - Appledocs documentation for the UTILS framework


    Release date:  7 Aug 2019

    UTILS - TomTomOnlineUtils

    • [FEATURE] TTHTTPHeaders created to support tracking in SEARCH, ROUTING, TRAFFIC, GEOFENCING.

    The trackingID parameter is a specific request ID to be used for debugging the flow of the request.

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch, TRAFFIC - TomTomOnlineSDKTraffic, ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting, GEOFENCING - TomTomOnlineSDKGeofencing

    • [FEATURE] withHTTPHeaders parameter added to query builders


    Release date:  1 Jul 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Route style API extended with dashArray builder method in TTMapRouteStyleBuilder.

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] "connectorSet" parameter added to TTSearch and TTAlongRouteSearch
    • [FEATURE] "brandSet" parameter and "brands" field added to TTSearch and TTAlongRouteSearch


    Release date:  31 May 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] New examples: Dynamic map sources, Dynamic Layer Ordering
    • [FEATURE] Change the image of an existing annotation
    • [FEATURE] New style showing z-levels on crossings
    • [FIX] Crash in GPSIndicator destructor
    • [FIX] Crashes in Core related to "invokeOnMapThread" and asynchronous function calls


    Release date:  16 May 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE]  Additional data sources supported e.g. geoJSON, Image sources (TTMapStyle, TTMapSource, TTMapGeoJSONSource, TTMapImageSource, TTMapLayer)
    • [FEATURE]  Methods to add, remove, set visibility of layers, change the z-order of layers (addLayer, removeLayer, moveLayerToFront, moveLayerToFrontWithId, etc)
    • [FEATURE] "Switching Map Layers" example updated to use new methods:


    Release date:  17 April 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Segmented route customization added, "Route display" example updated with this feature
    • [FEATURE] Map logo icon available in two modes: default - suitable for e.g. regular map style, inverted - suitable for e.g. dark styled map
    • [FEATURE] Incident ID included in traffic data
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Traffic viewport implementation


    Release date:  13 March 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE]  Switching map layers in runtime, new example: "Switch map layers"
    • [FEATURE]  Update documentation: "Map Layers", "Default style", "Custom style" sections

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] Support for geometries in Reverse Geocoding by new input filed "entityType" and output filed "Id" that can be used in Additional Data for getting the geometries.

              New example "Polygons for rev geo"

    DRIVING EXTENSIONS - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsDriving


    Release date:  19 February 2019

    GEOFENCING - TomTomOnlineSDKGeofencing


    Release date:  08 February 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Vector traffic incident details support added
    • [FEATURE] Traffic popups support for traffic incidents and traffic flow added in "Vector map and traffic" example
    • [FEATURE] Customisation of location icons
    • [FIX] Exception "Cannot start transaction within transaction" fixed

    DRIVING EXTENSIONS - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsDriving


    Release date:  16 January 2019

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FIX] Memory leak when leaving map display

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] New service field "Geopolitical view" supported in Search and Reverse geocoder with TTGeoView enumerations

    ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

    • [FEATURE] New example: "Avoid vignettes and areas"
    • [FIX] Parsing of "Time zone" in the response 

    Language support - TTLanguage enum deprecated, strings should be used instead


    Release date:  11 December 2018
    Maps SDK for iOS ready for Xcode 10.0
    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps
    • [FEATURE] Multiple maps
    • [FEATURE] Callback for visible map region change 
    • [FEATURE] Macro for source code 'TT_DEPRECATED_SINCE'


    Release date:  27 November 2018
    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps
    • [FEATURE] Option to disable tilt gesture added
    • [FEATURE] Option to modify the default behavior of the current location icon added (e.g. possibility to hide radius)
    • [FEATURE] New example: Follow the chevron
    • [FIX] Fixes on iOS 10 and later didReceiveMemoryWarning
    • [FIX] Active route is not displayed properly
    • [FIX] Map tap not called when markers are clicked

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch
    • [FEATURE] Update ADP example with new land use


    Release date:  19 October 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • New TomTom logo
    • [FIX] Bug fixes


    Release date:  01 October 2018

    Maps SDK Examples app available also in SWIFT!

    • Downloads for Maps SDK Examples app in Objective-C and Swift available here:
    • All code snippets available in Objective-C and Swift

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FIX]Fixed bug that sent multiple long press events on a single press
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Method names updated:
      • leftLayoutConstarintCompassButton to leftLayoutConstraintCompassButton
      • leftLayoutConstarintCenterButton to leftLayoutConstraintCenterButton
      • rightLayoutConstarintTTZoomView to rightLayoutConstraintTTZoomView
      • rightLayoutConstarintTTPanControlView to rightLayout ConstraintTTPanControlView

    ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

    • [FEATURE] Batch routing service integrated - New example: “Batch routing”


    Release date:  29 August 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] New example: "Advanced markers" added showing draggable markers and GiF images as markers


    Release date:  22 August 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] TomTom logo displayed on top of the map
    • [FEATURE] Draggable markers feature added, "Markers" examples updated
    • [FIX] Cached map tiles are not removed at the sdk launch


    Release date:  23 July 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Map style changed

    TRAFFIC - TomTomOnlineSDKTraffic

    • [FEATURE] Online Traffic Flow Segment Data and Incidents Details integrated as a new module.
    • [FEATURE] New example: Traffic incident list added.

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] Batch search service integrated - New example: Batch search


    Release date:  26 June 2018

    MAPS Static Image - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsStaticImage

    • [FEATURE] Static Map Image integrated as a new module. It allows to render a user-defined, rectangular image, containing a map section.


    Release date:  13 June 2018

    MAPS UI Extensions - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsUIExtensions

    • [FEATURE] Limiting panning and zooming within a specified bounding box
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Support for Swift 


    Release date:  04 June 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FIX] Memory leak fixed in TTMapView.

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] Additional Data provider service integrated - New example: “Additional Data”.

    ROUTING - TomTomOnlineSDKRouting

    • [FEATURE] New service fields supported e.g. minDeviationDistance, minDeviationTime - New example: "Supporting points".
    • [FEATURE] Consumption model parameters available - New example: "Consumption model".
    • [FEATURE] Reachable range service integrated - New example: "Reachable range".

    MAPS UI Extensions - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsUIExtensions

    • [FEATURE] Customisation of zoom and pan controls. Example “Compass and current location” replaced with "Map UI extensions"


    Release date:  09 May 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Markers clustering features available in public API (enable/disable clustering, defining the radius and max zoom for clusters)  - New example: "Markers clustering"
    • [FEATURE] 'onMapReady' delegate method added to inform when all map is ready to use.


    Release date:  24 April 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE]  All styles supported for raster and vector traffic flow tiles, see:
    • [FEATURE] "Traffic layer" example replaced with "Vector map and traffic" and "Raster map and traffic" examples in Maps SDK Examples app.


    Release date:  18 April 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE]  Vector traffic flow tiles support - "Traffic layer" example updated.

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] New fields (e.g. entry points, extendedPostalCodesFor) of Online Fuzzy search supported in Maps SDK, “Entry points” example added to Maps SDK Examples app.

    MAPS UI Extensions - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsUIExtensions

    • [FEATURE] Default zoom and pan controls added.


    Release date:  9 April 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Map customisation - support for using custom map styles, example “Custom styles” added to Maps SDK Examples app.

    Details on:

    MAPS UI Extensions - TomTomOnlineSDKMapsUIExtensions

    • [FEATURE] New framework for UI controls for the map. It currently contains the default "Current location" and "Compass" controls.

    Details on:


    Release date:  20 March 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Enabling and disabling gestures (zoom, pan/scroll, rotate)

    SEARCH - TomTomOnlineSDKSearch

    • [FEATURE] Search along the route service integrated with an example in Maps SDK Examples app
    • [FEATURE] Geometry search service with an example in Maps SDK Examples app


    Release date:  15 February 2018

    MAP - TomTomOnlineSDKMaps

    • [FEATURE] Support for language parameter with an example in Maps SDK Examples app
    • [FEATURE] Support for geopolitical view added with an example in Maps SDK Examples app
    • [IMPROVEMENT] Traffic flow style changed (absolute -> relative)


    • [FIX] Issue with Bitcode for XCode 9


    Release date:  29 January 2018

    Maps SDK for iOS is now available!

    Create lightweight iOS applications with Maps SDK and take advantages of TomTom Online Services!

    Maps SDK for iOS gives you:

    • Libraries available via Cocoapods:
      • Map - for Online Map display features: TomTomOnlineSDKMaps
      • Search - for Online Search features: TomTomOnlineSDKSearch
      • Routing - for Online Routing features: TomTomOnlineSDKRouting
    • Documentation - for product and features information
    • API reference - for development details
    • Maps SDK Examples app - source code for inspiration

    Mix and match different libraries - Use code samples from Documentation - Get technical info from API reference - Try out Maps SDK Examples to see what Maps SDK for can do - Use source code of Maps SDK Examples app for inspiration

    Code with Us! Code with TomTom Maps SDK!