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Project set up

To develop your own application with Maps SDK, you need to make sure that the pre-requisites are in place and that you have added Maps SDK as a dependency into your project. Follow the steps below and then you are ready to code!

Get the pre-requisites in place:

Set up your project like this:

  1. Open XCode

  2. Create a new project or open an existing one

Choose SDK modules for your app

Either independently include modules for Maps, Search and/or Routing or all of them at once. You can do so by adding Maps SDK modules to Podfile and running pod install again:

  • MAP - Getting started

  • SEARCH - Getting started

  • ROUTING - Getting started

Configuration for all Maps SDK modules

To include all Maps SDK modules in your app, modify Info.plist:



  • Create Podfile

pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMaps'
pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKSearch'
pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKRouting'
pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMapsUIExtensions'
  • Now go to console and install frameworks by typing pod install

Building and Launching

To build your application open a newly created by Cocoapods XCode workspace, not a project.

Maps SDK Examples app

Download and build the Maps SDK Examples app to see key features of the Maps SDK. Modify the source code to learn more about the SDK. Speed up development by using the source code in your own app. Maps SDK Examples app download package: TomTom Maps iOS SDK Examples

This Maps SDK Examples app is provided by TomTom and subject to TomToms privacy policy at Developers using TomTom SDKs and APIs in their apps similarly bear responsibility to adhere to applicable privacy laws. These Maps SDK Examples are provided as-is and shall be used internally, and for evaluation purposes only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.