Search along the route

Allow your users to search for POIs along a planned route so they can optimally add places to their rides. The Along Route Search endpoint allows you to perform a fuzzy search for POIs along a specified route. This search is constrained by specifying the detour time and limiting the number of results. The minimum number of route points is 2.

Sample use case 1: You are driving from Amsterdam to Haarlem and you would like to find a gasoline/petrol station or EV station to fuel or charge your car during your drive. Sample use case 2: Planning your next trip you would like add a car repair station so you can fix something in your vehicle to drive safely.

Use the following code to display 10 POIs along a route with a maximum detour time of 900 sec:

1let query = TTAlongRouteSearchQueryBuilder(term: "REPAIR_FACILITY", withRoute: mapRoute, withMaxDetourTime: 900)
2 .withLimit(10)
3 .build() query)
TTAlongRouteSearchQuery *query = [[[TTAlongRouteSearchQueryBuilder withTerm:@"REPAIR_FACILITY" withRoute:self.mapRoute withMaxDetourTime:900] withLimit:10] build];
[self.alongRouteSearch searchWithQuery:query];