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The TTTrafficFlow and TTTrafficIncidents classes encapsulate a connection bridge to the TomTom Traffic API service.

Call the flowSegmentDataWithQuery method to perform a flow segment. The call uses the ** TTFlowSegmentDataQuery** parameter from the TTTrafficFlow class. Use the builder design pattern to simplify construction of the TTFlowSegmentDataQuery.

The API reference contains a detailed specification of the search objects and options. It also includes a number of functional examples to illustrate different uses cases.

This works analogically for both traffic services. An example query and corresponding callback for the Traffic Incident Details service is as follows:

1let bounds = TTLatLngBoundsMake(TTCoordinate.LONDON_TOP_LEFT(), TTCoordinate.LONDON_BOTTOM_RIGHT())
2let query = TTIncidentDetailsQueryBuilder.create(with: .S1, withBoundingBox: bounds, withZoom: 12, withTrafficModelID: "-1")
3 .build()
TTLatLngBounds bounds = TTLatLngBoundsMake([TTCoordinate LONDON_TOP_LEFT], [TTCoordinate LONDON_BOTTOM_RIGHT])
TTIncidentDetailsQuery *query = [[TTIncidentDetailsQueryBuilder createWithStyle:TTTrafficIncidentStyleTypeS1 withBoundingBox:bounds withZoom:12 withTrafficModelID:@"-1"] build];