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Entry points

Allow your users to display entry points using fuzzy search results.

Sample use case: A taxi driver wants to pick up a passenger from a specific entry point at the airport.

Use the following code to try this in your app:

1for entryPoint in entryPoints {
2 let annotation = CustomAnnotation(coordinate: entryPoint.position,
3 annotationImage: TTAnnotationImage.createPNG(withName: "entry_point")!,
4 anchor: TTAnnotationAnchor.bottom,
5 type: TTAnnotationType.focal)
6 annotation.title = "Entry point type: \(entryPoint.type!)"

mapView.annotationManager.add(annotation) } mapView.zoomToAllAnnotations()

for (TTEntryPoint *entryPoint in entryPoints) {
CustomAnnotation *annotation = [[CustomAnnotation alloc] initWithCoordinate:entryPoint.position annotationImage:[TTAnnotationImage createPNGWithName:@"entry_point"] anchor:TTAnnotationAnchorBottom type:TTAnnotationTypeFocal]

annotation.title = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Entry point type %@", entryPoint.type]; [self.mapView.annotationManager addAnnotation:annotation]; } [self.mapView zoomToAllAnnotations];

Sample views utilizing entry points:


Entry points for the Amsterdam airport


Entry points for the Kalvertoren mall