We rolled out a new and better SDK for you.

Category search

Help your users search for specific types of places with Category Search. Sample use case: You are preparing for a long drive and would like to find nearby gas stations.

Use the following code snippet to try this in your app.

1let query = TTSearchQueryBuilder.create(withTerm: "parking")
2 .withCategory(true)
3 .withPosition(locationManager.lastLocation!.coordinate)
4 .build() query)
TTSearchQuery *query = [[[[TTSearchQueryBuilder createWithTerm:@"parking"] withCategory:YES] withPosition:self.locationManager.lastLocation.coordinate] build]
[ searchWithQuery:query];

For Category Search we use LowBandwidthSearch as in "Address and POI search". The difference is in the endpoint:

Category search

GET https://<baseURL>/search/<versionNumber>/cS/<category>...

For a complete description go to:

The following code example presents an exemplary application view utilizing Category Search.


Address search with category: Parking


Address search with category: Gas