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Custom styles

Allow your user to create and provide the map with one or more custom styles for vector map tiles.

Modify the default TomTom style

The best way to create a custom style is to modify the default TomTom style for vector maps using the Maputnik editor. You can find the JSON map style in the resources directory. The tutorial on how to modify the style is available for all Maps SDKs (for Android, iOS, and Web) at Creating custom vector map style. Note that after step 9 of the linked tutorial, you need to save the JSON file and place it in the resources directory of your app project.

Provide your style You can provide an external map style file on the server and provide the URL. Sprites and fonts should be stored locally in the application. Currently, we don’t support loading resources and fonts from a server.

Sample use case: You want to display a night-styled map at night or in a tunnel.

To change the style of the map:

1let customStyle = Bundle.main.path(forResource: "style", ofType: "json")
1NSString *customStyle = [NSBundle.mainBundle pathForResource:@"style" ofType:@"json"]
2[self.mapView setStylePath:customStyle];
3[self.mapView applyInvertedLogo];


Basic style


Night custom style