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Traffic flow tiles

IMPORTANT: The Maps SDK should be initialized with the style from Style Merger which only supports vector tiles and one type of the flow overlay. The approach of using a single style that contains multiple Traffic Flow tiles types was deprecated. After the deprecation period is over, it will not be possible to switch between Traffic Flow tiles types without reloading the style.

The Maps Display API provides support for the traffic flow overlay which can be displayed for both raster and vector tiles. The Style obtained from the Style Merger endpoint contains only one type of the Traffic Flow. To display other types of Traffic Flow it is required to reload the style to one which contains another Traffic Flow type.

The complete list of supported Traffic Flow types is listed below:

  1. absolute: Free-flow speed.
  2. relative (default): Speed relative to free-flow.
  3. relative-delay: Speed relative to free-flow, but only when different.
  4. reduced-sensitivity: Speed relative to free-flow, but with wider speed ranges.