Route types

Allow your users to plan a route that will be the fastest, shortest, most thrilling, or greenest.

Sample use case: You plan a trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and want to compare ETAs for different types of routes to choose the best fit for your preferences.

We can use types like:

  • Fastest
  • Shortest
  • Easiest
1let query = TTRouteQueryBuilder.create(withDest: TTCoordinate.AMSTERDAM(), andOrig: TTCoordinate.ROTTERDAM())
2 .withRouteType(.fastest)
3 .build()
4routePlanner.plan(with: query)
TTRouteQuery *query = [[[TTRouteQueryBuilder createWithDest:[TTCoordinate AMSTERDAM] andOrig:[TTCoordinate ROTTERDAM]] withRouteType:TTOptionTypeRouteFastest] build]
[self.routePlanner planRouteWithQuery:query];


Route type fastest


Route type shortest


Route type eco