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Static Map Image

Static Map Image

Allow your user to render a user-defined rectangular image, containing a map section.

For more details, please visit Static Map Image documentation

Sample use case 1: Your app is designed to use simple map. You do not want to show the entire map, just some part of it to show and mark something simple. You don’t have to download the whole TomTomOnlineSDKMaps library which is much heavier compared to this library.

To use this library, add the following dependency to the Podfile file:

pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMapsStaticImage'

Example of displaying static map:


let query = TTStaticImageQueryBuilder.withCenter(TTCoordinate.AMSTERDAM())
TTStaticImageQuery *query = [[[[[[[TTStaticImageQueryBuilder withCenter:[TTCoordinate AMSTERDAM]] withLayer:TTLayerTypeBasic] withStyle:TTStyleTypeMain] withExt:TTExtTypePNG] withHeight:512] withWidth:512] build];



Sample image retrieved from the static map service.


Examples of static map images.