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Polygons for reverse geocoding

Polygons for reverse geocoding

Combine Additional Data Provider queries with Reverse Geocoding queries to obtain extra data about specific
entity Type like:

  • Country

  • CountrySubdivision

  • CountrySecondarySubdivision

  • CountryTertiarySubdivision

  • Municipality

  • MunicipalitySubdivision

  • Neighbourhood

  • PostalCodeArea

Sample use case: You want to display Country or Municipality boundaries.

Use the code below to try this in your app:

Create TTReverseGeocoderQuery with the entityType parameter and use reverse geocoder search.


let query = TTReverseGeocoderQueryBuilder.create(with: coordinate).withEntityType(entityType)
reverseGeocoder.reverseGeocoder(with: query)
TTReverseGeocoderQuery *query = [[[TTReverseGeocoderQueryBuilder createWithCLLocationCoordinate2D:coordinate] withEntityType:self.entityType] build];
[self.reverseGeocoder reverseGeocoderWithQuery:query];


Get TTGeometryDataSource object from response.


guard let address = response.result.addresses.first else { return }
guard let additionalDataSources = address.additionalDataSources else { return }
guard let geometryDataSource = additionalDataSources.geometryDataSource else { return }
- (TTGeometryDataSource *_Nullable)geometryDataSourceFromResponse:(TTReverseGeocoderResponse *)response {
    if (response.result.addresses.firstObject != nil) {
        TTReverseGeocoderFullAddress *addressValue = [TTReverseGeocoderFullAddress alloc];
        addressValue = response.result.addresses.firstObject;
        if (addressValue.additionalDataSources) {
            TTAdditionalDataSources *additionalDataSources = [TTAdditionalDataSources alloc];
            additionalDataSources = addressValue.additionalDataSources;
            if (additionalDataSources.geometryDataSource) {
                return additionalDataSources.geometryDataSource;
    return nil;


Use the TTAdditionalDataSearchQuery object for sending requests with the TTGeometryDataSource object supported by Additional Data API.


let query = TTAdditionalDataSearchQueryBuilder.create(with: geometryDataSource).build()
searchAdditionalData.additionalDataSearch(with: query)
if ([self geometryDataSourceFromResponse:response] != nil) {
    TTAdditionalDataSearchQuery *query = [[TTAdditionalDataSearchQueryBuilder createWithDataSource:[self geometryDataSourceFromResponse:response]] build];
    [_searchAdditionalData additionalDataSearchWithQuery:query];


Sample views utilizing entities retrieved by combining both services:


Boundaries for selected country


Boundaries for selected municipality

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