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Geometry search

Allow your users to perform a free text search inside geometries specified by circlers and/or polygons.

Sample use case: You are planing to visit the area of Amsterdam.  You need find a parking, an ATM and a grocery store in the city centre in Amsterdam and/or in the west part of the city.

Use the code snippet below to code this in your app:


let query = TTGeometrySearchQueryBuilder.create(withTerm: "Parking", searchShapes: geometryShape)
    .build() query)
TTGeometrySearchQuery *query = [[[TTGeometrySearchQueryBuilder createWithTerm:@"Parking" searchShapes:self.geometryShape] withLimit:30] build];
[self.geometrySearch searchWithQuery:query];


Below we present an exemplary application that shows Geometry Search.


Geometry search with term: Parking


Geometry search with term: ATM

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