EV route planning

Minimize range anxiety with TomTom Maps APIs by building applications that help drivers easily find charging stations and reach their destinations on time. Help businesses optimize their electric vehicle fleet operations with our EV route planning capabilities. Check out the demo to get everything you need to start building.

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Building blocks

  • Use the Routing API to get a reachable range polygon based on the electric consumption model, terrain characteristics and traffic.
  • Use the Search API to find compatible and available EV charging stations nearby, within the reachable range or along a route.
  • Use the Routing API to calculate the fastest or the most energy-efficient routes to maximize how far EV drivers can go.
  • Use the Long Distance EV Routing API to plan routes beyond one charge with optimized EV charging stops on the way.

Why choose us?

Reliable and scalable

TomTom is trusted by the world’s largest software, fleet management and logistics companies. Our APIs are hosted on leading cloud platforms and handle millions of requests daily, with 99.9% availability.

Advanced electric consumption model

Taking into account electric vehicle type, road network, terrain characteristics and traffic, our APIs allow users to precisely calculate routes and reachable range. Help businesses optimize electric vehicle fleets operations seamlessly with our Maps APIs.

Extensive EV charging stations map

We work with over 70 data providers so that you can add EV charging station information to your app in 54 countries, with real-time availability data in the US, Canada and 13 European countries.



Find EV charging stations
Use the Search API to help EV drivers find compatible and available EV charging stations nearby or along their route. Check out our Maps SDK for Web example on adding EV Charging Stations Availability to your web application.
Find EV charging stations
Build an EV route planner
Use the Long Distance Routing API to create engaging applications that help EV drivers plan travel routes beyond one charge, with compatible charging stops on the way. Check out our Maps SDK for Android and iOS examples on adding Long Distance EV Routing to your mobile application.
EV route planner article
Calculate reachable range
Use the Routing API to define the electric consumption model for a specific electric vehicle and calculate reachable range polygons. Check out our Maps SDK for Android and iOS examples on adding reachable range calculation functionality to your mobile application.
Calculate Reachable Range
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