Route Monitoring API

Service version: 3
Last edit: 2023.10.31


What is Route Monitoring?

The TomTom Route Monitoring API service provides an intuitive and powerful way to monitor strategic routes in real-time. Customers have the ability to pre-define routes important to their businesses getting detailed information on current travel time, current delay time and percentage delay, route distance, live data coverage, and data confidence level. The overall route information can also be checked on a segment level, providing accurate and detailed information of traffic flow dynamics down to short length extensions.

Getting Started

  1. Request access to Route Monitoring via your local partner or TomTom account manager.
  2. Read the API documentation and start coding.

Common use cases you can implement

  • Measure travel time and delays on a defined route.
  • Compare travel times between your routes.
  • Identify bottlenecks and traffic congestion on your route.
  • Monitor routes in details thanks to segment-level traffic flow data.
  • Easily connect your routes to VMS (Variable Message Sign) displays.