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What is the TomTom Map Maker?
Is there any coding required to use Map Maker?
Does the SDK allow the display of satellite tiles?

The Map Display SDK provides pre-defined styles that can be used in the application. These default styles are managed inside the:

  • StyleContainer object (Android).

  • StandardStyles object (iOS).

    Among the pre-defined styles, the following are available:

  • Browsing: Style made for browsing the map.

  • Driving: Style to use during navigation.

  • Satellite: Style with satellite imagery.

Can I drive without a planned route?

Yes. When you use navigation without a planned route, it's called free driving.

Free driving provides detailed information about the current location such as speed, speed limit, country code, street name, road characteristics, and so on.

Does the SDK allow the import of a custom route for navigation?

The supportingPoints parameter can be used to reconstruct a route from an imported polyline.

The provided sequence of supporting points is used as input for route reconstruction.

Does the SDK display traffic icons like roadwork, accidents etc?

The TomTom Map Display module provides real-time traffic updates.

You can show this on the map by adding a layer with traffic flow and a layer with traffic incidents.

To show or hide these layers call on the TomTomMap (Android) / Map (iOS) object, and call the methods:

  • TrafficFlow

  • TrafficIncidents

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