5 Cool Ways to Use Maps APIs

APIs are designed to help developers build applications easier and faster, and SDKs help speed up the process by turning some of the most complex APIs into even easier-to-use functions. We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting ideas we see the TomTom Maps SDK for Web being used for and how to implement them.
Apr 12, 2023 · 9 min read
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How to route navigation apps right for fleet and logistics vehicles

Every developer working on routing applications should know this: using a standard navigation app for fleet vehicles is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
Jul 16, 2024· mins read

Elevate Your Mapping Experience: Introducing Enhanced DEM and Hillshade in Our Maps

We're excited to introduce our enhanced Digital Elevation Model (DEM), adding a whole new dimension to your mapping experience.
Dec 04, 2023·4 mins read
Create your application map using TomTom Map Maker.
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Create your application map using TomTom Map Maker.

Are you building an application that needs a map? Try TomTom Map Maker — a cloud tool to help you create and customize maps that reflect your brand.
Oct 12, 2023·3 mins read
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Snap to Roads Ownership Rebates in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia reimburse businesses for vehicles used offroad for business purposes. TomTom’s Snap to Roads API can be incorporated into a Python application that tracks the distance and fuel spent off public roads for businesses looking to claim this rebate.
Jan 20, 2023·8 mins read
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How to Reconstruct a Route from Data Points with the Snap to Roads API

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll learn about the TomTom Snap to Roads API and how you can use it to reconstruct a route. We’ll also show you how to integrate the route into an app (we’ve used React here, but you can also use Angular or Vue) to ensure you get a perfect reconstruction.
Jan 05, 2023·9 mins read

Top 10 Articles you loved from TomTom Developers in 2022

This year, our community of readers enjoyed a mix of tutorials on how to use TomTom Maps APIs & SDKs with a variety of frameworks, and thought leadership pieces on topics like collaborative map editing and women in geospatial. Here’s a look back at what you loved reading this year.
Dec 12, 2022·5 mins read
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How to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem for Logistics

The traveling salesman problem (TSP) requires us to determine the fastest route between different waypoints. In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll see how TomTom’s Waypoint Optimization API solves this problem.
Nov 18, 2022·7 mins read
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Plan Your Road Trip Menu in Advance with the TomTom Routing and Search APIs

Learn how to use Python and pip to create an app that can locate restaurants along road trip routes. Plan the perfect travel menu by finding restaurants that align with your ideal meal stop times!
Nov 10, 2022·11 mins read
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