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Build apps that manage your fleets, locate vehicles, trace deliveries, and track assets on a map in real time.

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    Build your entire platform with one provider who covers all your mapping needs including location-based data hosted in the cloud.


    Ensure your platform grows as your fleet does with a leading cloud infrastructure, global coverage, and guaranteed availability.


    Leave the heavy coding to us, so that you can focus on maximizing driver utilization and getting ahead of delivery times.


    Protect your business and your drivers’ private data. Your data is stored in the cloud and is never sold or shared with others.

Our products

  • Geofencing API

    Define virtual geofences around locations and check whether the assets you are tracking are inside or outside of them. Detect transitions.

  • Location History API

    Safely store and retrieve the locations and movements of devices you are tracking.

  • Notifications API

    Get alerts whenever an asset passes through a geofence. Configure all your alerts in one place and send them via webhook or email.

  • Snap to Roads API

    Reconstruct a driven route to retrace the steps of tracked vehicles. Get road attributes, such as speed limits, to analyze the trip and spot any road restrictions violations or deviations from the planned route.

  • Create Zones with Transitions

    Want to take action based on location? Create projects and fences, while assigning parameters so that action is taken whenever something enters or exists that fence. Alert your customers when their delivery is approaching them. Ensure your fleet operates within certain zones only during the day. Find out how fast they were driving in that zone. Deactivate assets when they’re moved outside a fence. You can create a geofence for any use case.

  • Geofencing Multiple Polygons

    Ensure your fleet is staying on route by creating a geofence along a stretch of highway or roadway. Our Geofencing API comes in many shapes and sizes, including a unique corridor feature that encompasses a stretch of road. By fencing slightly wider than the route, you can ensure that your employee is pulling off momentarily for gas and not veering off entirely.

  • Location History for Routes

    Save the historical position of a location on our cloud so that you can retrace a route without setting up a separate storage server. Retrieve the data whenever you need whether it is to analyze the optimal route or assess a driver’s driving behavior. You can delete the data which is never sold or shared. This means that the secret sauce to your operations stays a secret – you decide who will use it and for what.

  • Alerts for Geofencing Transitions

    Easily trigger alerts whenever your driver has crossed through a geofence. Use a webhook for real-time alerts to be sent through text message and/or email directly to your fleet management platform, or any collaborative tool of your choice. Enable your customers to receive alerts when their driver is arriving to their location, when their dispatcher truck has veered off course or when their machine or asset is being stolen off the property.

  • Snap to Roads

    Reconstruct a driven route and provide road relevant attributes allowing to analyze the trip - detect deviations, speed violations and understand driver behavior.



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