Objects service

Service version: 1
Last edit: 2022.09.01


The Geofencing API Objects service provides a client-side reporting device that acts as a representation of the thing to be geofenced (a person, drone, vehicle, etc.). It is defined on the customer side by an Admin. An Object has the following characteristics.

  • It is uniquely identifiable.
  • It can only be linked to a single Configuration at a time.
  • It has a certain connectivity capability.
  • It does not have to always be connected to the Geofencing service.
  • It has a position.
  • It may also have other user-defined properties.
  • To query the service, an Object only requires an API Key.

To update its position, an Object has to provide its ID and API Key. Geofencing and Location History APIs share Objects when both are on the same account. Each API has access to a view of an Object that is relevant for the given API.

Objects service endpoints

The Objects service contains the following endpoints.

List objects

Obtains a list of tuples representing the user's objects.

Get object details

Requests all details about a single object.

Add new object

Creates a new object.

Edit object

Provides new values for an existing object's attributes.

Delete object

Provides a command used to delete objects.

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