Alert service

Service version: 1
Last edit: 2022.09.01


The Geofencing API Alert service is responsible for creating alert messages which will be sent to users via the Notifications API.

The Alert service allows the set up of alerts for:

  • The Transition between an Object and a Fence.
  • An Object exceeding the set time limit for dwelling inside a Fence.
  • Number of Objects inside a Fence has exceeded the set limit.

Alert service generic endpoints

We highly recommend using these generic endpoints to handle all types of alert rules.

The Alert service contains the following generic endpoints:

Create alert rule

Configures an Alert Rule.

Get alert rule

Show details of the Alert Rule.

List alert rules

Lists the Alert Rules.

Update alert rule partially

Updates selected fields of an Alert Rule.

Delete alert rule

Deletes an Alert Rule.

List alert history

Lists Alerts that were triggered in a given time period.

Delete alert history

Clears all Alert History entries.

Alert format

Describes the structure and format of data sent through the Notifications API by Geofencing.

Deprecated Alert services

The Alerts service Transition Alerts and Dwell Time Alerts are deprecated. Use the Alert service generic endpoints instead.

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