5 Cool Ways to Use Maps APIs

APIs are designed to help developers build applications easier and faster, and SDKs help speed up the process by turning some of the most complex APIs into even easier-to-use functions. We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting ideas we see the TomTom Maps SDK for Web being used for and how to implement them.
Apr 12, 2023 · 9 min read
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How to Reconstruct a Route from Data Points with the Snap to Roads API

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll learn about the TomTom Snap to Roads API and how you can use it to reconstruct a route. We’ll also show you how to integrate the route into an app (we’ve used React here, but you can also use Angular or Vue) to ensure you get a perfect reconstruction.
Jan 05, 2023·9 mins read

5 Ways to Use Location Technology in Logistics

Logistics is often thought of as planes, trains, and freight trucks, but any company or organization that moves things or people from one place to another is involved in logistics. We’ll examine five innovative ways developers can use TomTom mapping APIs and SDKs to provide more effective planning, visualization, insights, and information in the field of logistics.
May 30, 2022·8 mins read

How Location APIs can help power Fleet Management Software

A basic knowledge of fleet management, logistics, and mobility is foundational for the creation of effective applications. We take a look at what fleet management software entails and how it can help you build great fleet tracking, management, and logistics applications.
Nov 13, 2020·8 mins read
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How to Schedule Routing for Truck Drivers in an iOS App

The TomTom Maps SDK for iOS makes it easy to include powerful mapping and location services in your iOS applications, and we’re going to show you that today.
Nov 06, 2020·11 mins read
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Advanced Maps and Routing for Truck Drivers in Android Apps

In a previous article, we showed how to use the TomTom Android SDK to build an application for truck drivers. In this article, we will extend the previous project by adding waypoints, custom section styles for different road types, and points of interest (POI).
Oct 28, 2020·11 mins read

What is Fleet Tracking?

Knowing where each vehicle is at any given time can assist with fleet scheduling, route optimization, and fuel consumption management. TomTom helps build fleet management solutions by providing location and routing information to developers through easy-to-use APIs.
Oct 26, 2020·8 mins read
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Using TomTom Location Services to Develop Fleet Logistics Applications

TomTom mapping and routing APIs and the TomTom Maps SDK have many useful features for developers building fleet management and logistics applications. In this article, we'll highlight the API and SDK features you can use to build these apps.
Oct 02, 2020·9 mins read

Last-Mile Logistics: A Developer’s Point of View

Last-mile logistics refers to the transfer of a product or person from a hub to its final destination. In this article, we'll examine key aspects of last-mile fleet scenarios and how TomTom location services can help you build last-mile logistics applications.
Sep 28, 2020·9 mins read
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