Travel path on a map


Get traffic enabled directions for cars, trucks and electric vehicles. Optimize your ETA and operations with consumption models and our unique eco-routing mode.



Directions that Suit You

Whether you are driving a car, truck, electric vehicle or walking through the city, we’ve got directions for you. Our highly customizable Routing API calculates the most accurate route based on parameters set by you: vehicle type, traffic avoidance, waypoints, departure time, and even freight type.

Predictive & Live Traffic

Annoyed when your delivery times are wrong? We are too. Start trusting ETAs again with our traffic engine that’s both live, predictive, and powered by more than 600 million connected devices each day.

Matrix Routing v2 API

Dispatch the right drivers at the right time with travel time and distance matrix routing. One-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many, all in one API.

Batch Routing

Need to plan tomorrow’s delivery schedule for all your drivers? With batch routing, you can process up to 700 route requests in one go, which takes into account predictive traffic, so you know the best time to leave.

Reachable Range

How far can your driver go with their vehicle’s current fuel or current battery levels? How far can they go in 5 minutes? Create the best match between drivers and location, with reachable range (isochrones). Now, you can tell how far you can go from a given location with certain energy or time constraints.

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