Service version: v1
Last edit: 2022.08.19

What is Junction Analytics?

Our Junction Analytics API provides input for efficient signal operations that makes it possible to allocate green time in a better way and reduce traffic delay. This service is designed for traffic signal hardware and software vendors who want to optimize signal operations and optimize traffic flows at intersections.

Our offer makes it possible for the user to:

  • View the configured signalized intersections on a map using a companion Web application.
  • Validate the road segments that are important.
  • Obtain new statistics such as turning movements.

Getting started

  1. Request access to Junction Analytics via your local partner or TomTom account manager.
  2. Read the API documentation and start coding.

Common use-cases you can implement

  • Optimize signal operations without using hardware infrastructure.
  • Measure turn ratios for every approach of the intersection.
  • Monitor how many stops drivers make before they leave the intersection.
  • Observe queues and delays on every approach of a junction.
  • Optimize traffic flows for strategic routes and corridors.
  • Feed ITS and Traffic Management systems with additional traffic data.