Service version: 2
Last edit: 2024.02.27
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What is TomTom's Fuel Prices API?

The Fuel Prices API provides information about the current price of the fuel available at the selected station. The data is refreshed every 10 minutes, but the frequency of change can differ from a few times a day to a few times a month depending on the country or the brand of the gas station. Using this API makes it possible to make better price-conscious decisions while selecting a suitable gas station.

The Fuel Prices API currently consists of the following services:

Fuel Prices

The Fuel Prices endpoint provides information about the current fuel prices of gas stations.

Market Coverage

Provides a list of all countries supported by the Fuel Prices API engine.

Getting started

Use the following topics to become more acquainted with this API and its endpoints.

How to get a TomTom API Key

How to get a TomTom API Key

When you use our location Service APIs, we need a way to identify that it is your application that is making the request to use the service (API).

The TomTom Knowledge Base

TomTom Knowledge Base

The TomTom Knowledge Base optimizes the retrieval of information via articles, blogs, FAQs, tutorials, and videos for your use and reference.

Common use cases

Here is a potential use case:

  • Check the prices of fuels offered by a selected fuel station.


This is a high-level view of our Fuel Prices API features.

  • Fuel Price in a local currency and volume unit.