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Last edit: 2023.11.22

What is TomTom's Waypoint Optimization service?

TomTom's Waypoint Optimization service is intended to optimize the order of provided waypoints by fastest route. This service uses an heuristic algorithm to create an optimized sequence.

Waypoint Optimization API

This endpoint optimizes a provided waypoints sequence based on road network distances. Sequence can be ordered to create the fastest route.

Getting started

Use the following topics to become more acquainted with this API and its endpoints.

How to get a TomTom API Key

How to get a TomTom API Key

When you use our location Service APIs, we need a way to identify that it is your application that is making the request to use the service (API).

The TomTom Knowledge Base

TomTom Knowledge Base

The TomTom Knowledge Base optimizes the retrieval of information via articles, blogs, FAQs, tutorials, and videos for your use and reference.

Blogs and tutorials

Optimize your route with the Waypoint Optimization API

Waypoint Optimization API - Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem

This video explains how to optimize your route with the Waypoint Optimization API

Route planning for trucks

The Waypoint Optimization API with trucks

In unfamiliar places, truck drivers rely on locals for directions due to their lack of knowledge about a city road network. The Waypoint Optimization API will help you here!


The following features are included in the Waypoint Optimization service.

  1. Road network-based ('Waypoint Optimization') endpoint.
  2. Fastest route selection for the 'Waypoint Optimization' endpoint.
  3. Car/truck travel mode selection for the 'Waypoint Optimization' endpoint.

  4. Truck-related constraints.
  5. Order constraints.
  6. Time-related constraints.
  7. Point importance settings.

Current limits include:

  • The minimum number of waypoints is 2.
  • The Waypoint Optimization endpoint takes up to 12 waypoints (if you require a higher limit - check our Pricing and Contact Sales ).


Indexes used in the Waypoint Optimization API start at 0.

Service with endpoints

Waypoint Optimization service

POST Waypoint Optimization

  • This is a heuristic waypoint sequence optimization with additional constraints.