Service version: 2
Last edit: 2024.05.28
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Important note
This EV Search API is unavailable on a Freemium or Pay As You Grow (PAYG) basis.
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What is TomTom's EV Search API?

EV Search is a REST API limited to and optimized for electric vehicle station POI category. It provides complete EV POI data including static location information (lat/long), address, opening hours, access restrictions, technical specs of the charging station (connector type, voltage, power, current, current type), etc. as well as dynamic availability status. Wide range of EV specific filters (including dynamic availability) allows for narrowing the search results to match the personal preference (like charging power or access type) of the driver or the technical specification of the electric vehicle (connector type).

The EV Search API currently consists of the following service endpoints.

EV Search Nearby

The EV Search Nearby endpoint provides complete static and dynamic data for up to 100 POIs in the specified radius, ordered by distance.

Ev Search by Id

The EV Search by Id endpoint provides complete static and dynamic data about 1 EV POI (charging park with 1 or more charging stations) for the given ID.

Getting Started

Use the following topics to become more acquainted with this API and its endpoints.

How to get a TomTom API Key

How to get a TomTom API Key

When you use our location service APIs, we need a way to identify that it is your application that is making the request to use the service (API).

The TomTom Knowledge Base

TomTom Knowledge Base

The TomTom Knowledge Base optimizes the retrieval of information via articles, blogs, FAQs, tutorials, and videos for your use and reference.

Common use case

Here is a potential use case:

  • Using pre-defined filters (connector type, charging power, access type, dynamic status, etc.) to locate the most suitable charging parks nearby.
  • Get the detailed and latest information about your favourite charging station using charging park ID.


This is a high-level view of our EV Search API features.

  • EV Search Nearby:
    • Finding the nearest charging stations at a given location (lat/long) within a given radius.
    • Filtering results per connector type, charging power, availability status, etc.
  • EV Search by Id:
    • Information about the charging station for the given ID.