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Asset and vehicle tracking

Scalable and reliable APIs and SDKs for asset, vehicle or driver tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, food delivery and other track and trace applications. Check out the demo to get everything you need to start building.

Building blocks

Reverse geocoding

Use Reverse Geocoding to understand a location. Get the complete address, road type, side of the road, and speed limit.

Route tracking  

Use the Routing API to snap GPS points to the closest road and reconstruct the most likely driven route.

Speed limits  

Use the Search API to get speed limit data for any location point on the road. Detect and prevent potential speed violations to understand driver behavior.

Geofence tracking  

Use the Geofencing API and the Location History API to create and monitor geofences, and to get notified when vehicles have entered a zone or deviated from a route.

Why choose us?

Robust and scalable

TomTom is trusted by the world’s largest software, fleet management and logistics companies. Our APIs are hosted on leading cloud platforms and handle millions of requests daily, with 99.9% availability. As your fleet grows, so does our level of service.

Global coverage

Develop once and expand to wherever your business takes you, with services covering more than 69 million miles of roads in over 160 countries. Take advantage of our global coverage with local detail.

Flexible and customizable

You know what is best for your platform. Add our technology as hosted APIs or integrate our data into your software – or do a bit of a both. You can even mix TomTom Maps APIs with services and data from other providers.

Customer stories

  • Webfleet logo

    The number one fleet management company in Europe is using TomTom technology to track hundreds of thousands of vehicles and assets in more than 100 countries.

  • Dynalogic logo

    Dynalogic uses TomTom technology to track and trace the hundreds of thousands of parcels they deliver every day.



Driver location article image

Understand location of assets

Use Reverse Geocoding in the Search API to translate location coordinates into a complete address with additional information, such as the speed limit for any location point on the road. Check out how to easily add reverse geocoding to your application with our Maps SDK for Web, Android and iOS.

Reconstruct a route article image

Reconstruct a delivery route

Use the reconstructing a route functionality in our Routing API to translate GPS points of tracked vehicles, drivers, trucks or other assets into the most likely route they followed. Check out our Maps SDK for Web example on using supporting points to reconstruct a route.

Geofences monitoring article image

Create and monitor geofences

Use Geofencing API and Location History API to create and monitor geofences. Use the Geofence Creator to easily create and edit thousands of geofences of any size and shape, and determine and get notified when vehicles have entered a zone or deviated from a route.


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