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TomTom Maps APIs
for Developers

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TomTom Maps APIs
for Developers

The TomTom Maps APIs allow you to easily build location-aware applications. A variety of cross platform REST APIs and SDKs are available to build and enhance your mobile and web apps with search, routing, mapping, traffic and navigation features.

Routing API

The Routing API enables planning a route from A to B, considering both historical and real-time traffic conditions, when applicable. As a result, applications can provide users with highly accurate travel times and live updated travel information and route instructions. The service allows multiple transportation types such as cars, trucks, bicycle and pedestrians.

The following Routing API endpoints are available:

  • Routing. Calculates a route between an origin and a destination.
  • Batch. Allows batch processing of the Routing requests.
  • Matrix. Allows calculation of a matrix of route summaries for a set of routes defined with origin and destination locations.
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Maps API

The Maps API enable static and interactive maps to be displayed in any mobile and/or web application. TomTom real-time map making technology provides users with the most accurate and up-to-date maps.

The following Maps API endpoints are available:

  • Raster. Displays map data in tiles of square images, divided into multiple zoom levels.
  • Vector. Show geographic map data packaged in a vector representation of squared sections.
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Traffic API

TomTom’s world-class Traffic information can be displayed via the Traffic API in different styles and flavors. Traffic Flow or Traffic Incident information can be overlaid on top of the TomTom maps to visualize the congestion level, traffic jams, roadworks, blocked roads, closures and many more. Even more detailed information such as the length, delay, impacted street names and speeds of traffic jams can be provided and interactively used by applications.

The following Traffic API endpoints are available:

  • Traffic Flow. Retrieve detailed traffic speed information for display on your map view.
  • Traffic Incidents. Retrieve detailed information about traffic jams and traffic related incidents.
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Maps SDK

The Maps SDKs allow you to easily integrate TomTom services into your web or mobile applications by using a convenient client library that hides the complexity of bare REST service calls from developers. The SDK enables developers to boost the productivity with fully styleable and easily customizable components. Maps SDKs are available for Web, Android and iOS.