TomTom technology makes automated driving (AD) safer, more efficient and comfortable.

One of the key challenges facing vehicle OEMs building new automated driving systems is ensuring safety. Onboard multi-modal sensor suites can gather information about the immediate surroundings, but what about the road ahead and the overall driving context? To realize the full potential of automated driving high quality, precise, up-to-date maps are essential.



Fast and up-to-date map delivery for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD).
Access only the data you need via the Map Access API and avoid network outage ‘white zones’ through proactive downloading and caching of map data.

Map with sectors

Allows car makers to determine when, where and under what conditions vehicles can safely activate automated driving (AD) functions.
Create Operational Design Domain (ODD) geofencing rules and restrictions through the intuitive online editor. Link to the HD Map data and deliver data directly to the vehicle via the AutoStream service.

Road check information
Virtual Horizon

Deliver the ADAS map with Virtual Horizon to provide a highly accurate picture of the planned or predicted route ahead. Extend your vision of the road ahead through detailed ADAS map content and a a range of industry standard data protocols including ADASIS v2, v3 and mini. Deploy Virtual Horizon according to your needs, in offline onboard, via an online API or hybrid through a configurable onboard cache.

AR path on the road

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