Create a Custom App Launcher Service

Last edit: 2023.07.27

The TomTom Digital Cockpit platform offers a stock implementation of an App Launcher service which provides the list of the device's currently installed third party Android apps, whilst also allowing these apps to be launched within TomTom Digital Cockpit.

The app launcher's Android app handling can be replaced with custom behavior. This may for example be required when:

  • There is a requirement to integrate with a particular Android Automotive app store.
  • The app launcher needs to display a fixed set of pre-installed apps.

It is also possible to extend the app launcher's functionality to support custom, non-Android, app types. An example of a custom app type can be a Web App, where each app represents a URL and can be launched by displaying the content in a WebView within a panel.

App launcher app support can be replaced or extended by implementing the following discoverable IVI services:

The following sections show how to perform these tasks: