Implement Alexa Preview Mode

Last edit: 2023.07.27

Alexa Preview Mode allows users to get access to a set of Alexa features without requiring a login with an Amazon account. It is a part of the Alexa setup process as an alternative to signing in. Note that Preview Mode is available in North American and European markets only.

To use Alexa Preview Mode, your device must be allowlisted by Amazon. Please contact your Amazon Solutions Architect (SA) or Amazon Partner Manager to place your device on the allow list.

Alexa Preview Mode Service

To use Preview Mode you must implement the AlexaPreviewModeService. This service is responsible for handling communication with AVS (Alexa Voice Service) to enable or disable Alexa Preview Mode using the InstantDeviceRegistration APIs.

To be able to use this feature, Amazon requires an OEM to adhere to specific security requirements. This means that the InstantDeviceRegistration API calls must be done on the OEM's backend, rather than directly by the AlexaPreviewModeService or by any other service running on the device. This is due to the usage of the refresh token and the LWA (Login With Amazon) client secret id that should never be exposed on a device.

Therefore, AlexaPreviewModeService must exclusively communicate with the OEM's backend and the OEM's backend is in charge of calling the AVS InstantDeviceRegistration APIs.

Note: Reach out to your Amazon Solutions Architect (SA) or Amazon Partner Manager to understand more about the preview mode security requirements and obtain documentation about the AVS InstantDeviceRegistration APIs.

Please refer to the AlexaPreviewModeService API reference documentation for detailed information on the Alexa Preview Mode service functions.

OEM Backend

The OEM must implement a backend service that will be a "bridge" between the Alexa Auto device and the AVS InstantDeviceRegistration APIs. It will be in charge of calling various InstantDeviceRegistration APIs:

  • The API for getting a consumer token and registering a device for AVS access.
  • The API for requesting the new access token using the refresh token.
  • The API for unregistering a device.

Note: Please reach out to your Amazon Solutions Architect (SA) for information about these APIs.


Once the AlexaPreviewModeService is implemented, you can enable Alexa Preview Mode by passing the AuthenticationType.ANONYMOUS authentication type to the VpaMediatorService.logIn function. If this parameter is not specified, the default authentication type will be used (Code-Based Linking).

Frontend Setup Flow

Unlike standard Code-Based Linking (CBL) authentication, Preview Mode requires an OEM to show the Alexa Terms of Use and Privacy policy as part of the setup flow. Please contact your Amazon Solutions Architect for more information on how to retrieve and display the Alexa Terms of Use and Privacy policy. See an example of Preview Mode (Try Alexa) screen.

Example app

The TomTom Digital Cockpit SDK comes with an example app showing how to create an Alexa Preview Mode Service. See the AlexaPreviewMode directory.