Splash Screen

Last edit: 2023.07.27

The splash screen is the very first Android View that is shown in the TomTom Digital Cockpit at startup. It covers the UI until all frontends with FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_FRONTEND_AT_STARTUP are initialized. The design documentation for it can be found here.

Providing a custom TomTom Digital Cockpit Splash Screen

TomTom Digital Cockpit's default SystemUiHost requires a SystemUiHostContext in its constructor, which in turn takes a SplashScreenProvider as constructor arguments. The latter is the interface that has to be implemented for any splash screen customization.

A splash screen can be provided at different levels with a similar syntax. It can be overridden in an activity that inherits the TomTom Digital Cockpit DefaultActivity, see this tutorial to learn more.

As well as passed right in the constructor of SystemUiHostContext:

2 SystemUiHostContext(
3 ...
4 splashScreenProvider = object : SplashScreenProvider {
5 override fun createSplashScreenView(splashScreenContainer: ViewGroup): View {
6 // return any Android View
7 }
8 }
9 )

If TomTom Digital Cockpit's DefaultActivity is used, getSplashScreenProvider() can be passed to the SystemUiHostContext to get the default TomTom Digital Cockpit splash screen.

In an activity that inherits DefaultActivity:

2 SystemUiHostContext(
3 ...
4 getSplashScreenProvider(),
5 )

If the TomTom Digital Cockpit splash screen is not needed, for example when another system takes care of showing a splash screen, the SplashScreenProvider should provide an empty View.

1SplashScreenProvider {
2 override fun createSplashScreenView(splashScreenContainer: ViewGroup): View {
3 return View(splashScreenContainer.context)
4 }

Running a custom action upon Splash Screen dismissal

TomTom Digital Cockpit allows triggering any action or animation on the splash screen dismissal. To hook into this mechanism, one needs to observe splashScreenDismissed: LiveData<Boolean> of the CoreSystemUiViewModel.

1coreSystemUiViewModel.splashScreenDismissed.observe(this) { splashScreenDismissed ->
2 if (splashScreenDismissed) {
3 // Action upon splash screen dismissal
4 }

Defining frontend creation policies

The splash screen immediately hides after all frontends with FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_FRONTEND_AT_STARTUP have become ready, and just before frontends with FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_FRONTEND_AFTER_STARTUP start initializing.

Frontends with FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_FRONTEND_ON_DEMAND are created on demand, for example when the user clicks its menu item from the main menu. These are independent from the splash screen behavior. Frontend readiness is marked by the isReady: LiveData<Boolean> of the Frontend. To define a frontend creation policy, you should pass it to the FrontendConfig.

2 ...
3 creationPolicy = FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_AT_STARTUP