Additional Resources

Last edit: 2023.07.27

TomTom Digital Cockpit is written in Kotlin for the Android platform. If either of these are new or relatively new to you, please find some resources here that will explain them further. There is also a Java to Kotlin resource, in case you are familiar with Java but not with Kotlin.


  • Kotlin: Learn about Kotlin on their references and tutorials pages.
  • Kotlin Koans: Once you're more familiar with Kotlin, you can test your knowledge by doing some Kotlin Koans.
  • From Java to Kotlin: To see how certain Java constructs are done in Kotlin: basics, functions, and classes.
  • Kotlin's scope functions: To learn more about the let, also, apply, run, and with scope functions.


TomTom Digital Cockpit makes heavy use of certain Android features. Please make sure you have a good understanding of these:

  • LiveData: A lifecycle-aware observable data holder.
  • Data binding: Binding UI controls in layouts directly to data sources in code.
  • View binding: Accessing UI controls defined in layouts from code, without using findViewById().