Last edit: 2024.02.02

Navigation is central to the TomTom Digital Cockpit experience. It is built on top of TomTom Navigation for Automotive, which provides a hybrid navigation solution that is scalable from onboard-first to online-first. It provides online routing and search; live data services and always up-to-date onboard maps. It makes use of common UI controls also used elsewhere in the TomTom Digital Cockpit for a consistent user experience. Designed for multiple displays, the system avoids unnecessary repetition of information and allows the right information to be displayed on the right screen at the right time. It is also compatible with leading VPA providers like Cerence and Alexa.

TomTom Digital Cockpit provides a set of generic core services as well as off-the-shelf or stock implementations. They are built on top of Automotive UI. Alternatively, the customer can replace the off-the-shelf frontend and services with their own implementations.

More information about navigation in TTDC: