User Profiles

Last edit: 2023.07.27

It is important to allow users to customize their usage of an infotainment system. TomTom Digital Cockpit allows the creation of a personalized user experience by linking settings and preferences to an active user profile. It is possible to have user profile specific settings with different configuration values depending on the current user using the platform. This can be convenient, for instance, when a user wants to use a UI with a dark theme and another user prefers to use a light theme.


Tomtom Digital Cockpit provides the UserProfileManagementService API to allow services and frontends to manage user profiles. A user profile can be created with UserProfileManagementService.createUserProfile, it will be persistently stored, and loaded after the service restarts. The user profile information may be updated with UserProfileManagementService.updateUserProfile or deleted with UserProfileManagementService.deleteUserProfile. One of the created user profiles must be set as active with UserProfileManagementService.activateUserProfile. When a user is set as active, all setting values with user SettingScope will be reloaded. The active user profile cannot be deleted. The service can be used to retrieve the user profiles information as well as the ID of the active user.