Platform Domains

The TomTom Digital Cockpit platform is divided into a number of functional domains which are summarized here.

Navigation is central to the TomTom Digital Cockpit experience. It is built on top of TomTom's online navigation SDK: NavKit. When the connection is lost during turn-by-turn guidance or free driving, the system will keep operating normally using cached map content. Online navigation enables fresh and always up-to-date map content. Navigation


Entertainment plays an important part in users’ digital life and is the most used function of infotainment systems. TomTom Digital Cockpit provides a way for the user to browse and stream any audio source including media sources such as radio stations, music streaming services, podcasts and audio books. Media

Vehicle Functions

TomTom Digital Cockpit can show the state of the vehicle and allows users to interact with it. Whether it is controlling the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) of the vehicle, seeing the temperature of the oil, or opening a window, TomTom Digital Cockpit provides the means to give drivers full control over their vehicle. Vehicle Functions


Users expect communication, instant messaging, media consumption, social networking, and location-based services to be usable anywhere and anytime. TomTom Digital Cockpit provides a seamless connection to the users’ digital life, whether it is a phone call or replying to instant messages that arrive while driving. Communications

Voice Personal Assistant (VPA)

TomTom Digital Cockpit allows the integration of 3rd-party voice engines to support voice personal assistants (VPAs) in the vehicle. A generalized interface enables the customer to speak commands and reply to system queries by voice. For example, the user can ask the system to make a phone call or find a nearby hospital by talking. Voice Personal Assistant (VPA)

Configuration Framework

Branding is important, which is why TomTom Digital Cockpit provides the means to customize its look. Colors, margins, sizes, and fonts can all be changed by applying a different theme. TomTom Digital Cockpit also supplies a set of UI controls that share a look-and-feel and adhere to the theme, such that the user can have a seamless UI experience. Configuration Framework

Settings Framework

It may be important to remember some of the state of your service or frontend. The user expects some continuity when relaunching an app, and a consistent state between road trips. TomTom Digital Cockpit facilitates that by providing a settings service where you can store and retrieve your setting values in a type-safe manner. Settings Framework

User Profiles

Customization plays an important role in an infotainment system. Users expect the ability to customize their experience by setting up their environment based on their preferences. TomTom Digital Cockpit provides user profile management functionalities which make all this possible. User Profiles