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Sneak Preview

The TomTom Bridge Development Team is continually working to improve our product by fixing bugs and rolling out new features, which are either part of our own ongoing roadmap or the result of customer requests. We do an official release six times a year.

Several weeks before we sign off and publish a new release, we are still doing extensive internal testing on a product that is otherwise already largely finished. Only after we give our internal seal of approval do we release the product to our customers. For an external development team, working on dedicated applications designed to run on Bridge, this means that a fairly long time passes before they can get their hands on our latest work and start compatibility testing with it for themselves.

We now offer a so-called 'sneak preview' available for interested customers. To clarify: these are 'as is' releases that are created in the final stages of our release development cycle and are likely still containing a number of release-blocking bugs and thus should not be treated as official software in any way. The sole purpose is to get our work into the hands of 3rd party developers as early as possible in order for them to do some early compatibility testing.

This will allow us to catch changes that adversely affect your product so we have time before the official release to fix them. We recommend to always use the latest sneak preview for your automation suites to catch any changes that could affect your product.

18.6 sneak preview.

Before testing this release, please understand that once a Bridge device has been upgraded to 18.3 Campani or later it cannot be downgraded to 18.1 Andretti or earlier. Since 17.6 Rossini Bridge is using Android 6 which uses more memory than JellyBean, so it is expected that the amount free memory (RAM) for 3rd party applications will be slightly less than on JellyBean.

Release notes:

•Vocalizer Expressive TTS Engine has replaced the Pico TTS engine.
•Remote display beta available. Only to be used for development.
•Driving direction up in MapLibrary SDK.
•Navigation application bugfixes and improvements.
•Guidance instructions available over NavAppSDK.
•API to lock keyboard.
•Notifications can be hidden from status area.
•Status icons can be hidden from status area.
•USB status & adb notifications can be hidden.
•Serbian language support (latin only).
•Option to persist WiFi hotspot after a reboot.
•Latest Android security updates.

Some features that were available on Android 4.3 will not be available on Android 6, being:

  • BT auto reconnect.
  • Speech recognition & wake up word.

How to install the sneak preview

There are two ways that you can use the sneak preview:

  1. Updating via a network (for continuous integration).
  2. Updating via SD card. This will not be covered here.

We recommend you update you automation devices via a network (for continuous integration), for testing new features SD card may be easier. Updating via a network has the added benefit of receiving the update as soon as it's available on our server. If you use a continuous integration automation suite this will allow you to identify failures immediately.

How to use the sneak preview for continuous integration.

  1. Add the following package-list to the device's configuration (update-locations):
    {"uri": "" }
    {"uri": "{muid}", "optional": "true" } 
  2. Add ONE of the following package-lists depending on your region and product:
    { "uri": "" }
    { "uri": "" }
    { "uri": "" }
    { "uri": "" }
    { "uri": "" }
    { "uri": "" }
  3. Add your products package-lists to the configuration.
  4. Use the updater API to trigger daily update scans, downloads and installs.

If you receive any errors when bootstrapping the device try checking your update-locations file at