Configuration deployment service

In rare cases devices are deployed into the field with an incorrect update configuration or no update configuration setup at all. Prior to 17.4 Baggio the only way to solve this problem was to recall the devices and manually reconfigure them. As of 17.4 Baggio and later TomTom offers a configuration deployment service where users can download a configuration over the internet so that their device can receive updates.

The way it works is:

  1. You test the new configuration and it's update scenarios.
  2. New configuration is sent to TomTom developer team.
  3. The TomTom developer team deploys the configuration.
  4. You'll receive an 9 character code.
  5. User enters the code on device.
  6. Device is now reconfigured.

This is provided as an additional service which comes at a cost. To understand more about the possibilities and cost structure, please contact your local account manager via email.