Updater modes

As of 15.5 Moretti there are two modes for software updates. Each has it's benefits. In most cases the default mode should be fine. Important: As of 15.5 Moretti, once a download has begun the device cannot be reconfigured until the update is complete or personal data is cleared.

  • Safe mode - Safe mode ensures that all packages are downloaded before an install can begin, or else fail if there's not enough space on the device. Safe mode requires more disk space because all packages are pre-downloaded before prompting the user to start the install. This mode vastly decreases the chances of install failures as most failures occur during the download of packages. Important: If there is not enough space on the device to download all packages then the update will always fail, the user must ensure there will be enough free space on the device. Safe mode is better suited when the user's internet connection is unreliable or use of the device is of high importance. It should only be used when there is a lot of free space.
  • Adaptive mode - Adaptive mode is the default mode for updates. If the update mode is not specified then Adaptive mode will be used. This mode will first estimate if there is enough free space on the device. Then it will attempt to download as many packages that will fit on the device before prompting the user to start the install. If all packages cannot be pre-downloaded then as many as possible will be downloaded prior to prompting the user to start the install, the remaining packages will be downloaded after the user starts the install. This mode is slightly more risky as the install has a higher chance of failing due to low disk space or poor internet connection. Adaptive mode is most suitable in situations where free disk space is limited or when updating from SD card/USB attached storage. To configure the update mode you can use the mode attribute in your update-locations file:
"mode": "adaptive|safe"

Pausing an update

The download process can be paused by users during download or will be automatically paused when the download cannot continue (for example when the WiFi connection drops). When the user has paused the update then the application will wait until they resume the download again. If the download was paused automatically, then it will resume automatically when possible. If an update is paused for 14 days then the downloaded files will be removed.

Automatic downloads

In Adaptive and Safe mode package downloads will automatically start if the total update is less than 40MB. The user will be notified and can pause the download. The user must always trigger the install of packages as the device will be in-operable while packages are being installed.