Customize Voice and Maps - NDS Map update Release

**Steps to perform region only updates or to add voice updates along with the latest Europe


  1. Download NDS Europe map from Map-Release, e.g.
  2. Extract file using 7-zip
  3. Download for voices
  4. Extract using 7-zip
  5. Go to Europe extracted folder and open the file name called package-list.content.europe in notepad and modifiy to have only region’s which we want to update on the device.
    • Make sure you remove those regional package information which you don’t need for updates. Please make sure you remove both package and 3d file For .e.g
      { "name": "europe-region-116-germany", "path": "map/europe-region-116-germany_2020.03.40530_all.ttpkg", "version": "2020.03.40530", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
      { "name": "europe-region-116-germany-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-116-germany-3d_2020.03.40530_all.ttpkg", "version": "2020.03.40530", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
      Note: Do not remove parent map from package-list.content.europe For e.g { "name": "europe-map" , "path": "map/europe-map_2020.03.40530_all.ttpkg", "version": "2020.03.40530", "group": " map-europe" },
    • Keep only package information for the regions which you need an update. For e.g. for Italy
      { "name": "europe-region-122-italy", "path": "map/europe-region-122-italy_2020.03.40530_all.ttpkg", "version": "2020.03.40530", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
      { "name": "europe-region-122-italy-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-122-italy-3d_2020.03.40530_all.ttpkg", "version": "2020.03.40530", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
  6. Go to Voice extracted folder and open the file name called package-list.content.voices
  7. Copy the information of the voices from package-list.content.voices, and update those package list it in package-list.content.europe which you need to be part of map update
    • For e.g
      { "name": "voices-vexpressivetts-czc-zuzana", "path": "voice/voices-vexpressivetts-czc-zuzana_vexpressive.20160705_arm.ttpkg", "version": "vexpressive.20160705", "title": "b0118a55-ebbc-4468-ab0c-dd248605fffb" },
  8. Go to Voice extracted folder and copy the package file (for e.g. voices-vexpressivetts-czc-zuzana_vexpressive.20160705_arm.ttpkg) and paste it on the Europe extracted folder in the folder location voice.
  9. Then copied whole content of Europe folder into SD card. (probably a 32GB memory card)
    • Make sure your SD card doesn’t have any folder or other files. And all the content of the Europe folder is copied into the SD card. (into the root)
  10. Insert that SD Card into device and then check for software update
  11. Installation of the available updates will be done when we click on install
  12. After installation, device will get reboot automatically
  13. Verify the regions which is installed on device under Maps section and verify the voices under Voice Section.
  14. These files and the folder should be uploaded to the distributors server