Factory reset and personal data clear

Clear personal data

To prevent personal data from one user being accessible to the next user, Clear personal data can be found in the system settings, next to the Factory Reset. It clears all personal data, settings and changes, including places, routes, etc. in NavApp, added by an end user so that it is back to a "fresh configuration" without the need to factory reset and re-loading the configuration.

When you Clear personal data, the following actions will be taken:

  • Any applications that were not installed via the Updater are uninstalled
  • All files in internal storage, i.e. /sdcard, will be erased, except those that were created by the Updater and some configuration files;
  • All user data from the remaining applications is wiped;
  • The device is powered off.

The configuration files that are not deleted are:

  • update-locations, because it will give the next user a fully configured device;
  • certificates directory, because the Updater needs these to get the device up-to-date;
  • backup.ab, because the settings must be re-applied to nullify any changes the user made to them;
  • zipPackagesDb directory, because Updater needs it;
  • apkPackagesDb directory, because Updater needs it.

When an end user triggers the Clear personal data, only the data for that restricted user profile will be deleted. End users can safely perform this reset to assure themselves that their personal information is no longer on the device before handing it back. The owner profile remains intact.

When you do it, the data of all users is cleared, including the owner profile, effectively wiping the entire device clean, ready to be re-issued. Note that the configuration files mentioned above will always remain on the device. Use the Factory Reset to get rid of those too.