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Notification tray

As of 17.1 Viviani the notification tray can be customised. The notification tray is shown when the user selects the notification icons on the status bar.

The following shows a typical notification tray.

Notification tray


Without customisation, the user can select the location "Location set by GPS" which takes the user to the "Location access" settings screen or the "Navigation" notification which takes the user to the navigation application.
The click-ability of both notifcations can be disabled by installing a package (as specified below).

Without customisations, when the user selects the settings icon, the following screen is shown:

Settings tray

All the individual settings on this view, including the "Settings" button can be hidden. You can do this by installing one or more "notificationbar-hide-*.ttpkg" packages.

The following shows the settings tray with the "Notifications" and "Auto-rotate screen" settings disabled.

Settings tray with notificationbar-hide-donotdisturb_1.0_all.ttpkg and notificationbar-hide-rotate_1.0_all.ttpkg installed

When all items are hidden, the settings icon on the notification tray will be hidden as well.

The following table shows the relation between item to disable/hide and the package to install:

Setting tray item Package
Disable Navigation notification click-ability nav-notification-not-clickable_2.0_all.ttpkg
Disable location access click-ability notificationbar-no-action-location_1.0_all.ttpkg
Aeroplane mode toggle notificationbar-hide-airplane_1.0_all.ttpkg
Wi-Fi toggle notificationbar-hide-network_1.0_all.ttpkg
Auto-rotate screen toggle notificationbar-hide-rotate_1.0_all.ttpkg
Brigtness slider notificationbar-hide-brightness_1.0_all.ttpkg
Notification toggle (4.3) / Do Not Disturb (6.0) notificationbar-hide-donotdisturb_1.0_all.ttpkg
Bluetooth quick setting notificationbar-hide-bluetooth_1.0_all.ttpkg
Torch notificationbar-hide-torch_1.0_all.ttpkg
Settings button notificationbar-hide-settings_1.0_all.ttpkg

Below are the package-list entries to use for each package:

{ "name": "nav-notification-not-clickable", "path": "nav-notification-not-clickable_2.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "2.0", "reboot": "true" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-no-action-location", "path": "notificationbar-no-action-location_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-airplane", "path": "notificationbar-hide-airplane_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-brightness", "path": "notificationbar-hide-brightness_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-donotdisturb", "path": "notificationbar-hide-donotdisturb_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-network", "path": "notificationbar-hide-network_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-rotate", "path": "notificationbar-hide-rotate_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-bluetooth", "path": "notificationbar-hide-bluetooth_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-torch", "path": "notificationbar-hide-torch_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }
{ "name": "notificationbar-hide-settings", "path": "notificationbar-hide-settings_1.0_all.ttpkg", "version": "1.0" }


The packages can be found in the extra-packages zip file from our releases page.