Migration Guide

Service version: 1
Last edit: 2024.05.31
TomTom Orbis Maps

Public Preview Notice

Important notes:

  • This TomTom Orbis Maps Search API document collection is in Public Preview. Go to the Public Preview - what is it? page to see what this means.
  • This API is powered by TomTom Orbis Maps.
  • See the TomTom Orbis Maps documentation for more information.

Where do I find the new end points

New Orbis Search API endpoints have a prefix like below:

URL request example

instead of

URL request example

Please check respective api documentation pages for details.

Changes in the parameters or responses

  • There are no changes in parameters or responses.
  • Either apiVersion url parameter or TomTom-Api-Version header needs to be present.
  • Only Unified view is currently supported, no geopolitical views are available.